Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where did December go?? (Not to mention the rest of 2008)

I'm sitting here on Dec. 28, 2008 wondering how I missed most of the month of December. I remember my cousin Becky's wedding Dec. 6. Then there was Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and suddenly there are only a handful of days left in the month. I had big plans for December! Oh well ... what is the old saying ... the best laid plans of mice and men?

I did do a few things in December. I finally went through the rest of the pictures from my Paris trip. Oh, and in the process, Becky's husband John saw my blog post and said, "Umm ... I like the title, but you know that you spelled c'est la vie wrong, right?" I obviously didn't know I had it wrong, but thanks, John. Now I do and I think I'll just leave it. It kind of typifies me trying to communicate while in France. With four years of Spanish and two years of French on my junior high and high school transcripts, I had a bit of trouble picking phrases to use while in France. A nice stranger would say something simple to me and my response would come out in half Spanish, half French. An even bigger issue was me trying to figure out in my muddled brain which half was the French and which the Spanish. Oh well. Maybe in 2009 I'll brush up on one of the languages ... maybe.

One of my favorite things in Paris was finding the best hot chocolate. The best cup we found was at Cafe Panis just across the street from Notre Dame.

I definitely did not miss out on Christmas. I discovered a few years ago that Christmas with the kids is a whole lot more fun than Christmas with all adults. For the past couple of years, I've spent the night with my sister Wendy's family so I can witness the Christmas morning magic with her kids.

My nephew Kade is at the perfect age for Christmas morning. He ran around handing everyone packages to open and patiently watched until he couldn't stand it anymore and had to open one of his own. And, he loves me.

To my happy surprise, I got a fantastic pair of beautiful shoes for Christmas! Ok ... fine ... yes ... I did purchase the shoes myself ... and yes ... I did wrap them in my favorite paper with a pretty bow ... and then I put To: Carol-Lyn From: Santa on the tag. Sometimes the Christmas magic we make for ourselves is pretty darn good, too. You have to admit, that's a convincing "look of surprise."

When December is all said and done, I think that the beginning and the end were so good that the blur of the 15 days in between is probably a good thing.